Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue Christmas or The Christmas Pearl

I'll have a Pink Christmas, that's how the song goes, no?  Ok Ok Ok So it is a blue Christmas...Yes, Elvis; I know, but I had a blue Christmas a few years back and it wasn't so great for me... although I do highly recommend Mary Kay Andrew's book Blue Christmas...one of my all time favorites this time of year. Blue Christmas and The Christmas Pearl are two books that I haven't gone one christmas without reading since they were released. Yup, I'm a southern girl and I love my southern books. Of course I also feel like being a southern girl, I have to admit that I do have a HUGE crush on Elvis Presley, and if would've been around for my blue christmas....well it probably wouldn't have been so blue.....Back to the point here.  So both of these books 
are filled with all things that I love. Blue Christmas has a main character that I would love to switch places with in life. She lives in Savannah, GA and owns an antique on one of the squares. She goes to a small treasure auction and purchases
a box of shiny brites. Along with the boxes of shiny brites (which are blue of course) is a jewelry box. In side she finds a vintage blue christmas tree pin, which she loves. I'm not gonna give a re-write of the whole book, but if you love any of the stuff I just described then I suggest picking up this quick holiday feel good book. You will find yourself wanting a blue christmas, I did.

The Christmas Pearl is a totally different style book, but I also would jump headfirst into the life of this book if given half a chance. It is a book set in current times in Charleston, SC. Even though it is set in the here and present. The story teller manages to take you back to a time when things were so much different. Christmas was a holiday, a time for family, a time to make time. We are all so busy these days, we often don't stop to enjoy what we have. I know I have been so busy this last week, Christmas will be come and gone and I will be left wondering what I did that made me miss Christmas. The family in this book gets a surprise visit from an unexpected guest that gives the family the most unexpected gifts. I know we are all busy, but I like to try and find the time to slow down and read, and when I can't thats what they make audiobooks for. I own both of these on audio, and I know that when I am laughing so hard at Blue Christmas....or crying with The Christmas Pearl...people who pass me wonder just what in the world that girl is doing. I wish I could share with them like I am sharing with you. Read these books, you won't regret it.


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